Grades 9-12 | 2.5 Credits
Graphics 1 is a one semester introduction to Graphic Design and Digital Photography. We will use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, scanning software and multiple types of printers to improve our understanding of visual hierarchy and design.

Grades 10-12 | 2.5 credits
Students build upon what is learned in Graphics 1 to begin creating and designing their own items such as CD Package Design, DVD Package design, International Advertising, posters, t-shirts, iPhone Apps, Magazine Covers, Candy Bars and other printed items.

Grades 10-12 | 2.5 credits
Photo II is a course that builds on the skills learned in Graphics 1 in the area of Digital Photography. By completing projects that are more conceptual in nature, students will begin to have a true photographic voice.

Grade 12 | 5 credits
Upon completion of ALL of the courses listed above with a B+ average or better, students may select this full year course, which meets somewhat as an independent study for the most part during any period of the day the student has free. Students complete real world freelance projects, many of which are for school related activities such as Drama Posters, Music Event Posters, tickets, DVD packaging, posters and t-shirts. Students are expected to be independent thinkers & self-motivated.

E-Show Web Profile

Mr. E-Show attended Connecticut College in New London, CT; graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art. Upon graduating, he became a graphic designer, working for various companies and institutions including Simmons College, Wesleyan University and Ernst & Young.In 2005, Mr. E-Show received his Master’s Degree from Tufts University to teach art.

He joined the Hingham High School Faculty in the Fall of 2006.

In the past ten years, Mr. E-Show’s students have won 301 awards at the state-wide Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards. In 6 years, Mr. E-Show’s students have won 11 National Scholastic Art Medals. In three of the last four years at the South Shore Arts Festival, Hingham High School Students swept all high school age range awards given in the Young Artist portion of the show. He has received over $47,000 in grant money to fund new printers, computers, cameras, lighting equipment and screen printing equipment.

Contact Information:

Hingham High School Graphic Design & Photography