Tech Ed


Grade 8 - 2 periods
Technology Education in the eighth grade is designed to introduce the student to the social, cultural, and environmental aspects of different technologies. These include, but are not limited to, aerodynamics rocketry and flight, structural design, graphic arts, communications, research and development.The student will further develop the necessary skillsto use a variety of hand and power tools safely. Prerequisite: Completion of or currently with Power Technology I.
instructor: Mr. Kenney

Grades 9-12 - 2.5 credits
In this course, students rotate through the three areas: mechanical drawing, woodworking technology, and small gas engines. Mechanical drawing is integrated with woodworking. Students learn the proper use of standard equipment and how to draw one, two and three view drawings. Some pictorials are introduced. Organization, neatness, and clarity are stressed as well as accuracy in all work. In woodworking technology, students are exposed to the fundamental process of woodworking. Emphasis is placed on the safety rules pertaining to knowledge of parts and operation of the jointer, surface planer, band saw, and circular saw. Students are involved with a take-home project. In the transportation segment students will study the small four-stroke-cycle gasoline engine commonly found on lawn mowers. Emphasis will be on developing an understanding of related theories, proper engine operation and maintenance,safe working habits, and consumer awareness. Through the safe use of shop tools and the design process, students will construct a transport vehicle. This activity is designed to provide open-ended problem solving. Students will explore Newton’s Law of Motion, electric circuits, air pressure, weight distribution, power, and aerodynamics.
instructor: Mr. Kenney

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